* Focus and Dedicated

Win Diesel was born with the time Common Rail Fuel Injection was introduced intothe Diesel aftermarket, and with the slogan “We Speak Common Rail”, presenting our focus on modern diesel fuel aftermarket only. Thus, Win Diesel has been dedicated to all its efforts to offer the best solutions to our valuable customers

*Product Line and stock

Now Win Diesel can offer most of the typical common rail parts, such as nozzle, control valve,which are now more than 400 types, and even the yearly demand is relatively low, Win Diesel still arranges the stock of 24 pcs. In addition, with the flexible and efficient management, most of the parts will be ready again in less than 30 days.

*Quality Standard

To fulfill the strict exhaust emission control, forget the traditional ideas of random testing control strategy. Here in Win Diesel all the key parts like common rail nozzles, control valves are 100% with flow test before out of production line.This is the only way to make your engine run perfectly after the professional repairing.

*Openness and Trust

We are really appreciated to receive all kinds of feedback, and especially the criticism from our loyal customers. Infact, we treasure these tough voices as the sincere expectation, which will finally guide Win Diesel to improve its performance from all aspects.

*Reliability, credibility and legality

Win Diesel deeply knows the risks of diesel fuel injection, so a reliable solution is the precondition before Win Diesel moves forward. We prefer to say “ No” if we cannot make sure 100% . We do consider keeping the promise to our suppliers and customers is the key to business success. Moreover, in Win Diesel, any type of copying OEM is strictly prohibited. Intellectual property protection is absolutely respected withoutany excuses in Win Diesel management.